Here are all the sprites sheets I use, along with the proper credits (as in the sites I got them from). More added as I re-discover the proper addresses!

Sonic Characters

  • Tails (The Mystical Forest Zone -
  • Knuckles (The Mystical Forezt Zone -
  • Shadow (The Mystical Forest Zone - Exact sprite sheet address no longer exists
  • Sonic (The Mystical Forest Zone - Exact Sprite Sheet address no longer exists

    Mario Characters

  • Mario & Luigi (Spriters Resource) -

    Everyone else that ISN'T my own character comes from as well (Link, TMNT, Megaman, etc etc)

    Backgrounds are from (Sonic), or (everything else), and now as well

    Original character sprites all belong to me! (the editing sprites..not what they are edited from!)

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